web-logo-e1436880001343UKEFF (UK Education & Faith Foundation), was founded in 2009, to rebuild communities around the UK. Our aim is to restore social harmony and balance back into a community, which has had many unstable times. We have various initiatives focusing on community cohesion and improved understanding between different sectors of society, be they of a religious, cultural, ethnic or socio-economic nature. We also aim to engage the young and the old by facilitating social engagement and dialogue, which will in turn promote better understanding and respect within our communities. We at Ukeff believe that education is the key to any form of harmony. We have seen in Oldham that educating children, young people and adults about different beliefs, cultures and backgrounds along with the challenges we face and how they have affected us, has led to better understanding and respect, and this can be continually achieved. We are dedicated to achieving a cohesive British society, not only here in Oldham but also nationally.

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